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ICCSNT2022 consists of several tracks, including, but not limited to, the following specific topics:

I. Computer Science    

1. Computer Applications

Hardware/Software infrastructure
Machine learning/AI
Control and communication
Natural language processing
Deep learning
Information security
Cloud computing
Soft computing and intelligent systems
Mechatronics and Robotics

Other Topics.

2. Software Engineering

Software metrics;

Distributed/parallel software systems;

Software tools and development environments;

Programming languages;

Knowledge-based software engineering;

Internet and information systems development;

Software architecture and design;

Software components and reuse;

Software testing and analysis;

Theory and formal methods;

Human-Computer Interaction;

Software processes and workflows;

Software dependability, safety, privacy and reliability;

Program comprehension and visualization;

Other topics.

3. Data Mining & Data Engineering

Data preprocessing and data cleaning;

Feature selection and extraction;

Clustering and classification;

Data warehousing and OLAP;

Image and multi-media data Mining;

Text and web mining;

Information fusion;

Data Integration, Interoperability, and Metadata;

XML data processing and algorithms;

Distributed, parallel, Peer to Peer databases;

Databases applications;

Internet grids and web services;

Data Streams; Sensor networks;

Temporal and multimedia databases;

Systems, Platforms, and Middleware;

Data storage;

Other topics.

4. Intelligent Systems

Artificial intelligence;

Machine learning;

Computational intelligence;

Support vector machines;

Soft computing;

Decision trees;

Nature-inspired computation;

Pattern recognition;

Bio-inspired algorithms;

Neuro-fuzzy techniques;

Genetic and evolutionary algorithms;

Intelligent control and automation;

Semantic web;

Other topics.

II. Network Engineering

1. Computer Hardware, VLSI, & Embedded Systems

Processor design;

VLSI systems design;

ASIC architectures;

Power management;

Parallel/multi-processor architectures;


Interconnect and interface design;

Performance analysis;

Quantum computing;

Cache and memory systems;

FPGA-based design;

Real-Time Computing;

Hardware software co-design;

Software technologies;

Embedded systems and ubiquitous computing;

Real-time networking;


Bio-inspired hardware;

Other Topics.

2. Communications & Networking

Wireless Communications and Networking;

IoT (Internet of things);




Antennas and Propagation;

Satellite Communications;


Ad Hoc, body-area and sensor Networks;


Nano networks;

Optical Communications and Networking;

Mobile Computing;

Grid, cluster and P2P computing;

Pervasive/ubiquitous computing;

Web services and Internet computing;

Computer and Network Security;



Intrusion detection and countermeasures;

Mobile and Wireless networks security;

Optical network security;

Web, E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Government security;

Other topics.

  3. Multimedia & Signal Processing

Coding and transmission;

Enhancement & noise filtering;

Representation and transforms;


Feature extraction;

Multi-resolution processing and wavelets;

Watermarking & authentication;

Interpolation & super-resolution;


Motion analysis & tracking;

Content-based retrieval;

Computer and machine vision;

Imaging techniques;

Remote sensing;

Forensics & security;

Statistical signal processing;

Filter design & digital filters;

Adaptive signal processing;

Spectral analysis;

Time-frequency signal analysis;

Speech & language processing;

Signal modeling, identification & prediction;


Sensor array and multi-channel systems;

Other Topics.

  4. Computer Control, Robotics, & Automation

Image Processing

Vision, Recognition and Reconstruction

Robot Design, Development and Control

Control and Supervision Systems

Vehicle Control Applications

Industrial Networks and Automation

Human-Robots Interfaces

Network Robotics

Autonomous Agents

Intelligent Transportation Technologies and Systems

Space and Underwater Robots

Modelling, Simulation and Architecture

Human-Machine Interfaces

Collective and Social Robots

Humanoid Robots

Cognitive Approach for Robotics

Mobile Robots and Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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